Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday in Paris

We began the day with pastries and a fresh baguette Dave brought back from an early morning trip to the bakery down the street.

I wanted to see St. Chapelle and Notre Dame with the sun shining through the windows. Dave wanted to see the Rodin museum, so we all agreed to start at the Rodin museum and then after seeing the gardens, Andrea and Wolfgang would go off to see other sights. In the evening, we'd all go to the train station together to wave goodbye to Wolfgang.

Great place to go while we urged the sun out from behind the clouds. It worked!

Here I am... thinking.

The gardens were filled with statues. The one on the right in the flannel shirt looks kind of familiar.

Now here's an unusual sight.

Wolfgang stops to smell the roses? You probably know by now that Wolfgang puts in at least twice as many miles as we do on a walk as he darts back and forth finding the best things to show us.

The garden provided natural art as well. Dave and Andrea are framed by an ivy archway. A tree trunk offers a bit of natural sculpture, and the sun creates shadow art on the gravel pathway.

Andrea and Wolfgang waved goodbye as Dave and I went inside the museum.

Here are a few things we saw inside.

Our next stop was Saint Chapelle. We arrived during the lunch break so the line wasn't too long yet. We passed through the metal detectors but had to declare my little pocket knife which meant filling out forms and getting a claim receipt.

Saint Chapelle is very blue and quite beautiful. The photos on the right are downstairs below the chapel. You walk up a very narrow circular stairway that opens out into the room with the windows shown on the left in this photo.

This is a broader view of the chapel. We then reclaimed my pocket knife and had to walk with it through the area they had restricted us from entering with it to get to the exit.

We walked over to Notre Dame, which had no line, and no metal detector or pocket knife policy. Here is one of the rose windows.

And a bit of stained glass.

I have lots more photos, but these gives you an idea of what we saw inside.

All too soon it was time to get Wolfgang to his train. We didn't take our camera but he made it safely onto the train and back to Berlin.

Andrea took us to Montmartre to see where she had lived and to have dinner at a really delicious Algerian restaurant down the hill. We took the funicular up to the top this time instead of walking and we were grateful that the walk down was pretty easy. While wandering through the side streets of Montmartre, we saw this.

So I snapped a picture with my iPhone. That about does it for Tuesday. We only had one more full day left in Paris so we needed a little sleep.

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