Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On to Paris

We are leaving Berlin tonight for Paris. Berlin continues to bloom around us. The white cherry blossoms are raining flowers onto the sidewalks and tulips are blooming wherever they want.

I have working on my Edible SB article, trying to cut out the extra 1000 words before we leave for Paris. Dave took these photos in our room in Copenhagen and on the ferry back to Germany. I think I managed to leave about 700 words in Denmark.

Last night after we arrived home from Denmark, Wolfgang and his family came over with dinner from the Feinkost American Village Cafe. Martina came over too, so we had a wonderful noisy meal with Wolfgang, Martina, and Monika telling stories of harrowing US adventures in English and German. I have no pictures of the food or event because we were all too busy eating to think of taking photos. I did get to tastethe Feinkost cheesecake last night. It was lovely.

Here's the only photo I have from last night. Monika brought us lilacs (flieder). They are hanging from trees all over Berlin.

Fortunately they survived our feeding frenzy. When we come back, I will take my camera to the cafe to photograph Susan's and Matthias' food work.

We'll be in Paris for 7 days and southern Germany for another 4 days. Then, Wolfgang is driving us back to Berlin. I'll try to blog our adventures as they we go along... depending on the quality of our Internet connection.

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