Monday, May 03, 2010

The 2 Hour Wash Cycle

Yup, we have our own washing machine right in the bathroom, next to the bathtub. This is very convenient:

We couldn't figure out how to actually get the short hose into the bathtub but then we noticed a plastic device on the floor behind the washer that bends the hose into the bathtub.

Hmm, this won't be too helpful. Our friend Roxanna warned us that we probably wouldn't have a dryer, but she didn't mention that we'd have to read German to figure out the settings on the washing machine. Click on photo if you speak German and send us the translation!

We lifted lid and found a cylinder that resembles a cheese grater.

However after rotatinng the cylinder we found a secret compartment that actually holds a lot of clothes. The dispenser on the lid is where you load the pre- and main wash detergent, softener, and bleach (we think). Anyhow, we chose some settings, poured in our detergent. Now we're waiting... and waiting... and waiting for the load to finish.

We figured out how to set up the drying rack which is supposed to go on the balcony, but since it's raining we'll probably put it in the bathtub. It's wise to plan ahead for washing (and maybe I should have brought a few more clothes).

It's raining so while waiting for the cycle to end, I planted the window box on our balcony. The trees here are leafing out and the birds are singing so planting a window box in the rain is fun.

Hey the washing machine has stopped! Time to go hang the wash.

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