Friday, May 07, 2010

Berliner Philharmoniker

This is the seating chart for the inside of the Berlin Philharmonic (I posted the wrong one previously). The orchestra is in the center. Wolfgang pointed to our seats as we entered. But first he wanted to take us on a little tour of the concert hall. Little tour means going up and down the stairs of every section to get a special view from the top. Afterwards, Dave pointed out that he no longer needs to have a treadmill stress test because he wasn't dead by the time we reached our seats.

The concert was good and was immediately followed by a walk through the area around Potsdamer Platz in the rain. It has been really cold here and it rained pretty hard all day yesterday.

I stayed home in the morning yesterday to work on my Edible SB article while Dave went out grocery shopping. He bought the ingredients to make bread... although he couldn't actually read the flour labels so the wheat flour turned out to be white flour and the white flour was rye. However his bread came out delicious.

Here's the sandwich Dave made me this morning with his freshly baked bread.

Life is good in our Berlin kitchen!

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