Sunday, May 02, 2010

Berlin Greetings

Our friends Wolfgang, Herta, and Monika met us at Tegel Flughafen (airport) in Berlin.

We were pretty jet-lagged but we recognized them behind the profusion of American flags.

There were streamers too. But the official presentation was a Berliner (a Berlin doughnut), which Dave accepted graciously.

Monika drove us all to our apartment where there was a teeny tiny elevator to carry our luggage up to the 4th floor.

Monika, Herta, and I took the stairs. The last flight was the hardest. This will be the home of Grandma Nan's kitchen for most of our visit, except for the week in Paris.

Inside the apartment we found more flowers, confetti, and chocolate. You'll have to visit the Starlight Mice blog for a little more information on that. Wolfgang's family had also stocked our kitchen so we all sat down for tea, coffee and snacks.

We even had fresh pretzels (not shown here). Wolfgang showed us the seal to look for when we buy our own food at the supermarket.

It's the DKO-TEST seal shown here on the water he bought us. The word bio indicates organic. Our friend Martina told us that bio is especially important on the produce we choose.

Then Wolfgang took us on a walk of the area to help reduce our jet-lag--a really long walk, although we did stop for a coffee and pastries and again for a Vietnamese dinner before he took us on the final loop of the jet-lag cure walk.

The walk worked for Dave, but not for me. Alas, I was up at 3 am. Fortunately we have a separate living room so I left him snoring in the bedroom.

In the morning, Dave fixed breakfast in our Berlin kitchen.

After breakfast I took a short nap. Good thing because Wolfgang had a big walking day planned for us that began with a metro ride and walk to the Village Feinkost Cafe, an American cafe that he has told us a lot about. I'll save the details for my next post.

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