Sunday, May 09, 2010

Saturday in Berlin

We started off the morning at the Village Feinkost Cafe with Wolfgang and Andrea.

This is the American Cafe around the corner from Wolfgang's apartment. This is the second time we've had breakfast there. The food is not only delicious, it's beautifully served. I hesitated to take photos because it's so American to put photos of your restaurant meals on the web, but you really need to see how gorgeous it looks. I had a burrito. The quiche looked really good too. Since this is an American cafe, I think we can get away with photos the next time. It has a neighborhood cafe atmosphere where people join each others conversations.

I'll save the food descriptions for the food photo blog entry. Here's a corner table.

The space is limited, so you need to reserve a table on the weekend. They also have a few tables outside but it has been cold and drippy so inside is more cosy.


Susan does the cooking in the kitchen and the baking, but she comes out to visit when she gets a break (which isn't often because it's been really busy when we were there). She is from Vermont. Her carrot cake is awesome, but so is her brownie and lemon tart. We haven't gotten to try her cheesecake because it was sold out. Wolfgang and Andrea were very disappointed about that. Susan quickly realized that she should never sell the last piece without phoning Wolfgang to ask permission first.


Her husband, Matthias does all the pantry work (salads and sandwiches) and is the barista. They have good coffee, tea, and chai.

After breakfast, we went to the grand opening of the conversion of Templehof airport into a park. This was the American airport in Berlin set up to handle the airlift supplies after WWII ended. There are lots of photos of the event on my Flickr page in the Berlin set. The space will be used for special events. There were booths set up along one of the old runways. It looked like a Christmas market but there were political and non-profit information tables as well as food booths.

This however, was my favorite. These are drinks. Most of them had alcohol in them but a few didn't. I just loved the way they looked. Next time I make a pitcher of rose syrup soda, I'll do it like this. (Krista, don't you think something like this would look good in the summer issue of Edible SB?)

Now these cookies look like something right out of Hansel and Gretel. How could you not want one if you were a kid?

I think you can wear it around your neck and take bites when you need them, especially if you get lost in the forest. This might actually be useful on the Wolfgang workout tour, although the tour stops often for coffee and pastries or ice cream, which is why I'll weigh more when I get home than when I left in spite of the added exercise.

Well, we are in Copenhagen today. We have one day to see the whole city. I'll try to put photos on Flickr tonight. Our return train to Berlin leaves at 7 am tomorrow so I won't guarantee a blog entry tonight.

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