Thursday, February 23, 2012

Road Trip to Austin

We left Santa Barbara yesterday morning.

We are headed for Austin. Our granddaughter Lillian's 2nd birthday is Saturday.

A large black crow stared at us from the roof of the garage as we pulled out of the driveway. A portent? What was he trying to tell us?

Then we saw another crow hopping around garbage on the driveway that the raccoons had left after knocking over the trash can in search of gourmet leftovers. A less romantic but more realistic reason in crow world to be on the roof watching us leave.

We set our GPS for Tucson (once we figured out how to spell it). Deciding against the GPS lady's advice, we chose to take the 126 to the 5 to get to the I-10 and miss some of the LA morning traffic. That meant I could search Edible Ojai online to find an interesting breakfast stop in Ventura. I found one!

We arrived at Brio Bake Shop ten minutes before it opened. The fragrance of warm pastries and hot fresh bread in the parking lot kept us from moving on.

It was worth the wait. The Apricot Almond Scone was still warm and definitely the best scone I've ever eaten. Light, buttery, and not too sweet. Owner Dina Collins was just pulling a batch of focaccia from the oven. She agreed that it would go well with the salami and cheese we'd be having for lunch on the road.

With restroom stops and a 1-hour time change, our 8-hour driving day became a 12-hour trip. We opted to drop down to the I-8 instead of going through Phoenix during early evening traffic.

That meant no Edible Phoenix recommended dinners in Phoenix or Tempe but we did get to see the Sonoran Desert at sunset, while listening to Lyle Lovett sing about Texas on iPhone-driven radio.

A little speed-of-light photo (smeared foreground from a fast-moving car window), to give you an idea of the twilight colors.

Here are the sunset colors through our bug-splattered window.

We arrived in Tucson at 8 pm, too tired venture out beyond the Airport La Quinta Hotel to find Janos, a restaurant owned by chef Janos Wilder, who is mentioned frequently in Edible Phoenix for his use of local foods. We chose pizza delivered to our room instead.

We plan to start out early this morning for our 8-hour drive to Fort Stockton, TX... but not quite this early. Think I'll head back to bed for a little more sleep.

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MissM said...

Watch for how the color of the scenery changes from Arizona to New Mexico to Texas. You would think that far south it would be the same, but you can really tell when you change states. Have a good drive!