Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lillian's Birthday

Okay this is weird.

When you press the "OK" button, the machine sounds like a photo scanner. Then 45 seconds later two perfectly cooked pancakes come off the roller and drop onto your plate. We're at the Holiday Inn Express. We actually had a pretty good breakfast for a self-serve dining room.

Then we were off to the Barton Creek Farmers Market. Lots more prepared food here than at the farmers markets in Santa Barbara. Places to sit and eat, while listening to live Austin music.

There is less fresh produce here this time of year but the market includes things like soaps, prepared Indian food, jewelry, organic composts, pottery, and meat.

We stopped at the Gardener's Feast stand to buy some tamales.

We chose banana leaf wrapped Chiapaneco (shredded chicken, mole, prune, plantain and green olive) tamales to take home for lunch.

Nap time came early in preparation for the afternoon birthday party.

Lillian's Music Together teacher opened the party with some movement and music.

A rainbow parachute, then the ribbon dance.

Followed by delicious birthday cupcakes.

And some presents.

A happy girl.

After birthday party pizza, we opted for an ice cream dinner so we headed back to Lick.

See all those people inside? This is a really small ice cream shop. The word is out.

The flavors are posted on 3x5 index cards. I chose the Sweet Cream with Champagne Strawberries and the Caramel Salt Lick. Dave chose Lone Star au Lait (coffee) and the Caramel Salt Lick. Tomorrow? Another day, another flavor.

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