Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning breakfast at Chez Quimby.

When we arrived, Michelann was mixing scones--part whole wheat with dried fruit and a few white chocolate chips. Dave worked on chopping vegetables for a crustless quiche while I fixed Lillian's broken necklace.

Then I washed the strawberries and chopped the broccoli tops, which we were substituting for asparagus. Grated gruyere on the bottom of the quiche plate, Sauteed onions and garlic on top of that, then a mixture of eggs and cream. The chopped broccoli went on top.

Good breakfast!

Lillian had her own version, which she kindly shared with nearby dogs Loki and Persephone.

After breakfast Dave and I went back to the hotel to study the map and figure out our travel path for the next day's attempt to drive our way out of Texas (a really large state).

We went back in the afternoon so I could go with Michelann to a restorative yoga class at Yoga Yoga. This is the best yoga ever. First some stretching poses while tuning in to note your areas of tension, then relaxation poses to the sound of crystal bowls and other soothing sounds. David calls it nap yoga. It ends with the sound of a gong somehow made to sound like waves washing over you. And then small cups of warm ginger soy milk tea passed on a tray. I think every yoga class should end this way.

We got home in time to get Lillian ready for bed and get ourselves ready for dinner at Cafe Malta. This is a newer restaurant in Austin. It features "Mediterranean style cooking with a Texas sense of place." That means a fusion style using as many locally sourced products as possible.

Academy Awards night meant it wasn't too crowded when we arrived.

We started with three appetizers.

The Gozo Express was a sardine and green bean topped wedge of Spanish style omelette with pickled vegetables, and two small Maltese qassatats (ricotta and golden raisin filled pastries). Loved those qassatats!

This was the appetizer special of the day. Brussels sprouts and potato croquette with slivers of jicama. The croquette was deliciously seasoned and had a light crisp outer coating. The sprouts were tender with caramelized outer leaves. Good texture and flavor contrasts.

This is Maltagliati--homemade pasta with roasted pork and brisket in tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and olive oil. The pork and brisket were tender. Locally grown and raised ingredients are combined to produce a Maltese dish (they call it Tex-Med).

For the entree I chose fresh linguini with homemade meatballs.

Michelann had seared tuna in a deliciously fruity sauce served with those perfectly cooked brussels sprouts.

Dave chose the roasted pork shoulder with a date demi-gace over roasted apple couscous.

David had the Maltese chicken with homemade preserved lemon beurre blanc and rosemary potatoes.

For dessert we had lemon curd on a shortbread biscuit and a tall shot glass of creamy smooth panna cotta with a basil gelee layer on top. Oops, forgot to take photos.

The restaurant was filling up as we got up to leave. I guess we weren't the only ones who chose Cafe Malta over the Academy Awards.

No Lick ice cream after dinner, we were satisfied.

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