Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Day in Santa Fe

I never did find a copy of Edible Santa Fe today. But Maya from Chocolate Maya in Santa Barbara told me about a couple of chocolate shops in Santa Fe to visit, so that was at the top of my agenda.

Selene fixed us breakfast first.

Our first stop on the chocolate tour was Kakewa Chocolate House.

They specialize in drinking chocolate sweetened with agave or honey.

Eight of the flavors are available each day. First we had tasters. Then I chose the Zapoteca with chocolate nibs. Dave chose the Marie Antoinette with almond milk and orange flower water. The MesoAmerican style is made with water, while the European style is made with milk. I bought a bag of Rose Almond to take home (not on today's list prepared chocolate drinks).

We also tried a chili caramel.

The caramel interior is soft and seasoned with Chimayo red chili. Powdered Chimayo is sprinkled on top. The flavor of the chili is enhanced by the chocolate.

They also have chocolate-dipped whole chilies.

Our next stop was Todos Santos Chocolates, but they are closed until next Tuesday. So we decided maybe we should have lunch before eating more chocolate.

We chose bento lunch at Kohnami. No chilies or chocolate on this menu.

Our last stop before the gas station, ready teller, and grocery store was Chocolate Maven.

This is in an industrial type building but once inside it feels like a tea room with a large window into the kitchen so you can watch the bakers prepare the pastries sold at the front. We had tea and some simple chocolate cookies. At this point we were too full to even think about dinner.

When we got home, Selene's dogs were ready for a walk... and so were we. Dave took Misty.

But Misty found it difficult to let Rosy get ahead of her.

So Selene ended up with both of them. Misty is always on the lookout for bunnies.

Perhaps here.

This particular walk yielded no bunnies.

After the walk, Dave and I returned to our room to plan tomorrow's drive to Arizona while Selene fixed us another delicious meal.

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