Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gusty Winds

The forecast icon on my iPhone switched from snow to cloudy but there's no icon for wind. The wind started when we hit I-40 at Amarillo and moved westward.

In Bushland, we passed rapidly spinning wind mills, forests of them. It wasn't difficult to figure out why there were placed here. A lot of oil derricks in this area too.

We stopped at an information center to pick up some New Mexico literature. The woman at the desk said the wind was blowing 40 miles an hour with gusts up to 60 mph.

Just getting the car door open was a challenge. At the gas station our parked car was lurching forward in the wind. I was really glad we weren't driving in rain or snow. We were being hit by tumble weeds bouncing across the road.

We took a few Route 66 detours but most of the businesses were boarded up.

We did find one roadside diner, so we stopped for lunch and a break from the wind.

We arrived at Dave's sister's in Santa Fe at about 2:30.

We were ready for a rest. Dinner with guests was set for 6 pm.

I looked out the window at about 4:30 to see the setting sun light up the chamisa.

It is so quiet here. Not too cold. A few patches of melting ice, but no fresh snow. We were warmed by Selene's hospitality and good home cooking.

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